Elmfield Hall & Churchfield House – old houses, new roles

Two enjoyable projects currently on the go involve large Victorian houses, Elmfield Hall, Church and Churchfield House, Great Harwood.

Though quite unrelated as buildings and projects, successive meetings today reminded me of their close similarities. Both are the former houses of locally important Victorians, which subsequently passed into the hands of the pre-1974 local authorities, then to Hyndburn Council and now to social enterprises which provide community related services. Both draw upon a common set of funding sources and both have a cafe!

Both were built in the 1850s but what a difference in style and appearance! Churchfield House hearks back to the Regency and vernacular in its styling and materials while the grander Elmfiled Hall is confidently classical and Victorian.

Elmfield Hall is Grade II listed while Churchfield House is locally listed and  in the Great Harwood conservation area. Immediately behind is the grade II* listed medieval parish church of St Bartholomew.

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