Ordnance Survey Road maps… they’re back!

Have you been into W. H. Smiths recently? Popping into my local Blackburn branch, it was nice to see a new Ordnance Survey display, especially because it contained the regional road maps which were discontinued over seven years ago. There was also the classic route planner map for Great Britain, and specialist interest maps like Roman and Ancient Britain – all with new attractive covers and styling.

For the last seven years I have been avidly visiting village shops and post offices to pick up the very last maps of the 2007 vintage, and then carefully trying not to damage them in the car. Looking on eBay, I found someone trying to sell them for £300 each! So, it looks like the OS finally got the message that people still want yhese maps. So congratulations to them for listening!

Google Maps are great but you can’t lay them out or see the landscape and features like with an OS map. I’ve checked out the OS blog and a post went up about the maps in January.

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