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Sunset walk up Great Hameldon

My son and I had a bracing sunset walk up Great Hameldon just now. It’s good to get out in the fresh air, hear the larks and enjoy the sweeping views. From the top we could see parts of Blackburn, Hyndburn, Pendle, Burnley and Rochdale – five Boroughs I have worked for. The sea at Blackpool was a bright silver line with the tower just poking up on the horizon. To the north we could see the Bowland Hills, Pendle Hill and parts the Yorkshire Dales. Wonderful.

Venus was big and bright tonight

You can just about see the Venus bands of cloud (if you use your imagination!).

I took a shot with my cheap pastic Pentax 55-300mm zoom lens, the same one I used for the moon in the previous post. It was just a bit of fun but I was surprised at what it was able to produce. I normally use this lens for recording roof and ceiling details. It’s not really suitable for moon and planet photography and I had to enlarge and crop the image enormously. I wonder how much better a very long focal length high quality lens would be.